Our Story

So what is a Zooie?

A Zooie is a foodie. They would almost rather watch the cooking channel or try a new recipe than win the lottery.

A Zooie would rather serve on jury duty than to put anything but the most wholesome and freshest ingredients in their cooking creations.

A Zooie is a creator, that uses their love, passion, and imagination to bring to life something that only a stomach and a smile can truly understand.

A Zooie is a hopeless romantic that ignites the hearts of those they love with food that kisses their palates.

Whether you are a Zooie, know a Zooie, or want to be a Zooie, please consider "Zooies" to be your second home.

Whether it's a cookie for your kid, or bowl of frozen yogurt for the kid in you, please consider us your retreat from the hectic pace of this crazy world.

At Zooies its from our heart to  your stomach. From your stomach to your smile. From your smile to our heart... that's the way we circulate love.